About Silky Cow

Born in 1988 Nathan Vergin grew up on his family’s farm in MN where they raised cows, goats, sheep, ducks, chickens and pigs. Being home-schooled allowed him to work full time at Shepherds Way Farm, a large sheep dairy and farmstead cheese making operation. Nathan moved to Staunton, VA in 2005 to work as an apprentice at Polyface Farms. After completing his apprenticeship Nathan stayed on a 2nd year as apprentice manager. In 2008 Nathan moved to the other side of the Blue Ridge Mountains where he accomplished a cheese making and cooking apprenticeship at Caromont Farm. In 2009 Nathan married his wife Amy and went back to work for Polyface managing the Greenmont rental farm, purchased a small herd of Jersey cows and started his own business, Silky Cow LLC.  After building the business for 2 1/2 years they moved in the winter of 2012 to a new farm in North Garden.  He is offering grass fed, farm fresh milk herd shares, pork and chicken eggs to the local area.

2 thoughts on “About Silky Cow

  1. Hey Nathan!
    Our milk would have been in plastic last week.
    I went by on Monday afternoon and it wasn’t there.
    Let me know if I need to write another check for September…
    I’ll let you know if it clears.
    Thanks so much,
    Karen Blackburn
    Shannon Farm

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