Farm Improvements

Here are a few ongoing  improvements around the farm


Partial construction of the new farm store and farm office.


This is a picture of one of the fields the first year that we were at the farm. It had been receiving standard NPK fertilizer but I didn’t apply any and so it was going through chemical dependency withdrawal. The whole field looked almost this thin.

This is the same field 4 years later, two of those 4 year I added one spring application of organic fertilizer but not this year. The picture were both taken the last week in April. This is what you can do by adding cows and a good rotational grazing system to the land.


Alice in Jeffersonland

Alice Waters Milks a Silky Cow at Monticello.

Nathan looks on and Triticale stands idly by while Alice toasts the crowd with a glass of “fresh” milk.  
Triticale made The Wall Street Journal (we think she might be getting a little big for her britches).  Go read the article and flip through the “slideshow” to see our favorite girl.  It was a great “Local” event and we were happy to be a part of it.